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Pierre Buys
Based in Ede, Gelderland, The Netherlands

Contact me - 
+31 64 452 9768 

Here is my background for the last 20 years but currently actively studying and pursuing a career in Film and Documentary editing.


To obtain a perfect result, each passage of a project needs to run smoothly. Here, the devil is in the details. Something can go wrong. You might think there’s no escape or any option to edit some mistakes you’ve made while recording. Here I come into play: my creativity and all the tools for video editing allow me to produce results for my clients, and as you can see above and in the review sections here on Upwork, I deliver quality video products to my clients.

Some examples of the services I can offer you to edit your videos:

  • Color grading

  • Color correction

  • Editing a video

  • Green Screen

  • Logo Reveal, Intro, Outro

  • Animations

  • Sound effects on your videos


Or a mix of two or three of these services altogether!
My favorite tools:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro 

  • Davinci Resolve

  • Adobe After Effects

  • Adobe Audition


I have worked extensively for corporate video and for animation video, made storyboards based on scripts, and planned videos before starting the actual video editing and animation. My area of experience with videos is with different industries, and to all these industries, I have delivered a high-quality service:

  • Corporate

  • Enterprises

  • Outdoor

  • Sports


I am looking to give PURE VALUE to people with video. I mean, I want to share my experience, my knowledge of video making. So I want to invite you to hire me now or send me your offer to talk about your projects. Even in the scenario where we don't collaborate, I commit myself to give you my best piece of advice so you won’t waste time.

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