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Pierre Buys Editor

💥Simplify Your Story. 💥Brand Your Video. 💥Find the best video footage.


Highly creative brand video editor with over 20 years of success in non-fiction and corporate storytelling. I’ve edited corporate and branded videos for a range of clients, including Nissan, BMW, John Deere, Kimberly-Clark, and Standard Bank.


I help small businesses and brands in telling their story through videos that viewers understand and connect with authentically. I edit longer interviews and sift through numerous video takes to select the best ones that authentically represent your brand.


I help clients with:

📌 Editing Branded Video Content

📌 Clarifying Your Storytelling and message

📌 Animating Corporate Identity Elements

📌 Product videos, Podcast Editing, Short film

📌 Interviews, Documentary, Social Media Videos


My Clients are saying this about me:


⚡︎"Always a pleasure to create videos with Pierre." - Manuel Riel, Peakford Ltd completed $15 000 worth of video editing with me.

⚡︎"He is a creative and highly cooperative brand video editor to work with." Sal Avati, Ontario Virtual School, total work billed $18000.

⚡︎"Fantastic to work with - communicative, flexible, and highly skilled. Megan Ferris, Upwork. I've worked for Upwork themselves.



✅ Premiere Pro

✅ Video post-editing of footage and testimonials

✅ After Effects motion graphics and editing video

✅ Davinci Resolve for color grading

✅ Use AI tools to enhance audio and speed up video editing workflows.


What is the first step? To get a more precise scope of work and to enable me to follow up with a comprehensive proposal, schedule, and project budget, the next step is to arrange a 20-minute Discovery Call.

Pierre Buys offers professional video editing services that will enhance your footage and bring your story to life. From color grading to sound design, I've got you covered.

Want to add some visual flair to your video? I can create custom animations and effects that will make your content stand out.

Awards & Recognition

I pride myself on delivering exceptional video content that exceeds our clients' expectations. My work has been recognized by many happy clients, and productions I helped create by editing have won awards at the 48 hour film festivals. I am passionate about my craft and strive to deliver stunning visuals that captivate and engage audiences.

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